John and Mary stroll into their local Ikea smiling from ear to ear. They have just opened up a brand new homeless shelter in their local community. Their brand new, 2,500 sq. ft. building has just been built and they are ready to furnish it accordingly. They need everything you could think of, furniture, carpets, wallpaper, blinds, linens and a wealth of hygiene products for all of the struggling homeless people that they hope their new business will aid.

They know that it will be a process and they aren’t expecting to have everything furnished until at least 6 months. Ikea is just their first of many stops to building their dream. After Ikea, they know that they will have go to the paint store, a carpet vendor, a blinds specialist, and then they hope to top it off by finding a store that sells both linens and hygiene products. So much for a one stop shop, right?


John and Mary are doing things the hard way and, like most consumers, are completely unaware of their mistakes. If someone went up to this happy, ambitious couple and presented them with the opportunity to accomplish their laundry list of tasks in a fraction of the time they expect it will take them, there’s no doubt that they would be shocked, skeptical, and left asking “HOW!?”.

Jess Crate Furniture, that’s how.

“Jess Crate Furniture? We’ve heard they manufacture heavy duty, USA made furniture but what about all of the other things we need? What about the wallpaper and the blinds and the linens and the carpets and the hundreds of hygiene products we need? How can a furniture manufacturer help us with all of that???”

Because we do it all, that’s how.

Literally, when it comes to furnishing an establishment from top to bottom and everything in between, we have you covered. Everyone already knows Jess Crate is the standard for high quality, handcrafted furniture but we want them to know that furniture is only where it starts. Not only do we carry wallpaper, carpets and blinds but our team of professionals will install them for you as well. Need a few dozen mattresses? We’ll provide you with long lasting comfort and offer you a full line of linens to go along with those 5 star mattresses.

What’s that? You need hygiene products as well?

Then take a look at our 185 page janitorial catalog, we distribute everything from dental floss to mops and buckets. When you combine the surplus and variety of our inventory with the professionalism and customer service of our sales team, you have yourself a true one-stop shop experience.

We can and will be there for you every step of the way when it comes to fully furnishing your residence or place of business and we’re just a phone call away. Check out our products page and let us help you build the success you deserve.