It was 1982 and Barbara Silver was working as the Vice President of Cannon Mills, the largest towel manufacturer in the world. On the flip side of this coin was Steven Silver, a linen purchaser for Garden Textile.

Both were masters of their craft, Barbara with her eye for design and natural leadership skills and Steve with his passion for business and fiery sales ambition. One could only assume it would be inevitable that these two titans of the linen industry would meet by natural causes but a sales rep at Cannon Mills decided to jump the gun. After introducing the two of them, love at first sight took its course and they were married 6 months later.

Thus began the start to not just a happy marriage, but a most profitable business partnership as well. Combining their respective skills and experience in the linen industry, they opened their own place of business called “Jenny’s Interiors” (named after their newly born daughter, Jennifer) in Philadelphia, PA.

Together the business flourished. Their skill sets complimented each other like satin on silk sheets and the company thrived. Barbara handled the operations while Steve prospected and managed accounts. Their customers loved the selection, the quality, and the genuine experience of doing business with the Silvers.

After years of success, expansion was inevitable. Jenny’s Interiors became not just a place for linens, carpets and blinds, but also served as a furniture distributor. Their current customers loved the fact that their favorite vendor was becoming a one-stop shop and prospective customers were lining up at the door.

In 2006, their North Carolina based furniture supplier who made the expansion possible, Jordan Lumber, was on the verge of closing its doors. Because Barbara and Steve were such a big client and had such a great relationship with Jordan Lumber, they presented them with the opportunity to keep the factory open by buying them out.

The decision was an easy one, and thus gave way to Jess Crate Furniture on August 9th, 2006.

Fast forward to present day and Jess Crate is a proud manufacturer of high quality, handcrafted furniture servicing dozens of industries such as camps, college dorms, firehouses, correctional facilities and many more. Because we both manufacture and distribute all of our own furniture we are able to provide high quality products at industry leading prices.

All of this was made possible by Barbara Silver, Steve Silver, and of course, the salesman who introduced them back in 1982.


Jess Crate Furniture is designed to withstand the heavy use and abuse that commercial facilities demand, all while reflecting the beautiful wood grain and classical styles seen in residential settings. This product has been known to last 10, 15, even 20 years in the field with daily use by students, campers, families, children, and pets. We have many repeat customers, as well as, customers who hand down their furniture to friends and family. We additionally offer replacement parts and cushions so that you can continue to use the furniture you have come to love throughout generations.

Jess Crate refinishes with a piece of sandpaper, brush, and a can of stain.


We can customize our products to be compatible to other brands of products that you thought were now non-existent.  To help you save money and avoid the cost of complete replacement bedrooms, we can come out, measure, and tell you what you have and match it, allowing you to utilize your existing furniture.

Once you have chosen your furniture, choose your fabrics and finishes! We provide a wide variety of options to customize your furniture to fit your taste and room.

Handcrafted & American Made

factory 5Each piece of Jess Crate Furniture is handcrafted in our North Carolina factory. With over twenty years of experience, our craftsmen know the skill and attention to detail for each piece of furniture. Jess Crate Furniture is made from the Southern Yellow Pine tree, harvested from the most densely covered forest in North Carolina. Our pine is dried to our specifications of less than 10% moisture content for added stability, durability, and long life.

Furniture panels are edge-glued in our own laminating plant with a premium wood glue. During sub-assembly, each piece is secured with screws, glue, and nails. Afterwards, edges are routed for attractive water-based lacquer finishes.

Our sanding and finishing teams go over each piece by hand to give a smooth custom six-step finish.

Cushions are constructed of high-density polyurethane foam. Zippered upholstery materials are available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, all hand-sewn for a custom fit.

Environmentally Friendly

More trees are planted than are harvested each year here, which creates and maintains resources for future generations of wildlife preservation and recreation. Our stains and lacquer finishes are completely water based.

They have no harmful effects on the environment outdoors or indoors.

Factory Direct Pricing

Because we are factory-direct, you will get the best prices without compromising on quality, and all of our furniture is made in the USA. Our knowledgeable, in-house sales representatives are here to provide you with outstanding customer service from start to finish.